WordPress – Why Should You Use It For Your Blogs?

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WordPress is a popular freeware and is a content management system specially designed for the bloggers. Its customization allows you to customize your own blog, website or even a website redesign as you want. Let us see why you should use it for your blogging system.

WordPress is an artistic semantic personal publishing platform which focuses on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

There are many benefits to using it:

  • It has a very simple setup and anyone with some experience can install it.
  • Incorporates a number of themes and plugins which are free. It allows you to build your theme easily or modify your existing one.
  • Uses standard/free web server technologies: PHP & MySQL.
  • Almost everything can be customized using through your theme. When you want to create a blog page or a page that looks different than a normal page, use its customization to accomplish this job easily.

WordPress is a very powerful blogging option for building your own blog utilizing thousands of free themes. It gives you multiple options for blogging which are all designed to be very user-friendly for the average computer user. Over the years, it has matured into arguably the most prominent blog choice as you have some powerful methods of delivering a blog.

Utilizing a WordPress Blog

The first is using WordPress hosting which is completely free. Using this method requires you to include “WordPress” in your domain name since you are hosting within. Therefore, www.wordpress.com/yoursite. You can choose to purchase a domain name to point to your blog, therefore eliminating the lengthy domain name.

The second method of utilizing a blog is connecting it or integrating it into your existing website. Integrating a blog into your website is one of the most valuable things you can do to increase your relevant content and improve your site’s search engine optimization. By connecting a blog within your website is a fairly simple process which requires you to own your own hosting account as well as access to create a database within your hosting which holds your blog content and back-end.

There are many content management systems for blogging but WordPress is preferable because of its great features for all types of blogs and websites. It helps you to explore and customize your blog. The installation process is very easy and informative, especially for the beginners.

With the self-hosted solution, you do not get functionalities like full customization; if you already have a domain name then you can not use it by default. Many sites offer WordPress customization services. These services help you to create your website with a new look.

WordPress themes and plugins customization services give you the desired results with efficiency. Try this wonderful software program once and see the difference. Its simplicity is one of the major reasons for its great publicity. Contact WebZign Web Design Mossel Bay to get started with your WordPress blog today!